Bones Rock Yard in Ottawa, KS has one the largest selection of aggregate materials within a 50+ mile radius. We’re proud to offer a wide variety of landscaping products for our customers and because we own our trucks, we can provide you with better prices. So don’t get stuck between a rock and a hard place, allow us to help you correctly fill your orders with top-quality landscaping products today!

Products We Offer:

Landscaping in Ottawa, KS | Bones Rock Yard

Landscape Rocks

We offer 22 different varieties of landscape rocks. We’re confident we can find the right style for you and your project.

Mulch in Ottawa, KS | Bones Rock Yard


We carry three colors of mulch: black, red, and brown. Mulch is great for enriching and insulating the soil while adding contrast to your plant life.

Sand in Ottawa, KS | Bones Rock Yard


We offer both mason and concrete sand. If you’re looking to level off an above ground pool, patio, or walkway, these sand types are a great option.

Driveway Rock in Ottawa, KS | Bones Rock Yard

Driveway Rocks

We carry six different types of driveway ranging from a quarter inch thickness to 3 inches. Loose stone in the construction of your driveway provides texture that is visually appealing.

Boulders in Ottawa, KS | Bones Rock Yard


We offer three varieties of boulders between four to eight inches. These boulders are great for man-made waterfalls, water features, and as accent pieces.

Enhanced Soil in Ottawa, KS | Bones Rock Yard

Enhanced Soil

We offer enriched soil for all your gardening needs. Ensure your plants stay healthy with nutrient-packed topsoil from Bones Rock Yard.

For more information on the services we offer, please contact us at 785-242-3070. Let us ROCK you!